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About Us

Galaxy FM is Kawerau's brand new radio station -Hot Radio Beats- 


We are located upstairs at 21A Jellicoe Court , Kawerau.


Galaxy FM is owned and operated by the Galaxy FM Radio Trust, primarily constructed for the public of Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and is intended as a training ground for a whole new generation of announcers, including talented young people and those who pursue a career in broadcasting.

We are transmitting on the air at 107 FM throughout most of Kawerau. A wider range is expected with the future update of our repeaters.

 Live streaming is now available. Streaming to all corners of the world, with a favourable reception from the general audience worldwide.  This now brings GalaxyFM in line with all up to date radio stations, both here in New Zealand and the rest of the world and opens the door for tourism on all levels.

 To receive Galaxy 107fm via internet please go to and follow the link now enabling you to be able to receive GalaxyFM on mobile phone, your I-pad, laptop and computer.     Docking your device to your stereo or blue tooth to your car stereo and enabling you to now hear Great Radio anywhere in the world and opens the possibilities of broadcasting to a whole new audience both within Kawerau and Globally.


 Galaxy 107fm is now open to the public to express the local news, views and events with local interviews, a common place within our community and surrounding districts.

 Many local people use our facilities as well as local body government e.g. councillors and politicians have and continue to drop in for a chance to express their views.  With people such as Medical advisers, Neighbourhood watch, Fire Stations, Councils, Police, Corrections Departments, Politicians, Maori Wardens, Councillors,  Libraries, Kawerau Enterprise Agency, Te Wananga O Aoteoroa's, Schools, Businesses, and general public.

 Galaxy 107fm is establishing a foothold in our community and is becoming the hub of information for everyone's benefit.

Galaxy 107fm takes pride in its professional image and quality of adverts produced, thus setting a standard above the rest, using new and innovative equipment to bring a refreshing opportunity, to the combined general public and is able to advise and produce a professional result.



Galaxy FM plays a wide variety of music to suit all listeners and their preferred tastes.

The Top 40 is constantly played in various formats every morning between 6am and 10am on the breakfast show with DJ Grant, Monday to Friday. This is a very popular show with folks rising for work and school, including our National and Global listeners tuning in to the good sounds and expert guidance of DJ Grant. The following is growing by the day.

 NEW ZEALAND ON AIR music is intermingled with all sorts of wonderful tunes and popular hits played throughout the day that is commercially viable to local businesses extending through, to a more adult audience after 6pm thus, generating a wider age of interests in the music industry.

 GalaxyFM has speakers in the awnings of the C.B.D Kawerau, Jellicoe Court in conjunction with the local council which gives GalaxyFM a opportunity to be heard by the public that would normally not hear our station.


Mountain View Rest Home Request Show is on Sunday mornings between 9am and 12noon. Mountain View submits a request sheet with all their information each week as the residents tend to change. This is for the older generation so they can ring the radio station and request a song.

You do not have to belong to the rest home to ring in. The show has a very large following both locally and on the web. DJ's Terinova and Grant host this section with a quirky twist on the classics offering to the delight of our older generation with a chance to relive memories and create new ones every week.

News & Sport


Inserted throughout the music is up-to-date local, national and international news via the internet.

We have a local member of the community, Koro Colin, who visits us on Fridays to tell everyone what sport events are happening around the area over the week and forth coming events over the weekend. He returns on Mondays to report the results and feedback. These segments are very engaging full of local and wider district sports and are informative and worth looking forward to.


Galaxy FM is here for our community. Every person has the right to visit our station. We broadcast all notices and information we receive. Topics of interest and relevant subjects that can be talked about on air.


Galaxy FM has many visitors, from the public who show a lot of interest, to the politicians who grace us at election time. We had 17 members of parliament turn up for on-air interviews. This was very exciting and enjoyable air time. Some of them have even made return visits.



GalaxyFm is open for a wide range of advertising, offering the highest quality Professional work that rivals many other radio stations worldwide.

We satisfy our clients by adding a touch of class to any business, which grabs the public attention which they want to hear and expect. This now helps your business elevate your bottom line and gains public awareness of your brand to all audiences nationally and globally from not only the 9am to 5pm public but also shift workers, contract drivers and all walks of life itself. Possibilities are endless.  




FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Please contact us;

Phone:  07 323 7695 OR

email: or web:

On Air


Galaxy 107fm is on air 24 hours 7 days a week. Our current schedule starts with our Breakfast Host DJ Grant at 6am. The show is until 10am.

 Between 10am and 3pm we have a wide range of popular and eclectic music intertwined with on-air interviews and guest appearances, news and sports.

From 3pm to 7pm The Drive Time Show where the DJ opens up the request lines to the public.

 On Sunday the Mountain View Rest Home Request Show from 9am to 12 noon with 2 DJ’s

The phone lines are open so the public may also ring in for requests. Galaxy has an average of over 4000 local and has breaking records weekly with the listeners on the internet. This market is growing by the day as Galaxy becomes more and more popular worldwide.


Galaxy FM is a training ground for new announcers, producers, sales consultants and crew. If you plan to make a program or become a volunteer panel operator, or gain work experience, you will need to train on the station equipment. We will help you with one-on-one panel lessons until you develop proficiency.


Galaxy is looking for radio-minded young students to train in all facets of Radio work. If you feel you would like a career in radio contact us.


To become a staff member for Galaxy FM, feel free to visit us at 21A Jellicoe Court, Kawerau (upstairs).




Special thanks to those involved in helping our dreams become a reality. Find out who we are in our gallery! Galaxy 107fm wishes to thank our listeners because without you this couldn't be possible. We love what we do and look forward to our continuing future serving your needs in broadcasting.